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Rome Cooking Competition

You will have a very unique and unusual culinary experience in Rome. You will compete with your friends or family or people you do have not met to make authentic Italian recipes in our pulse-racing, high-adrenaline competitive cooking class. This one-of-its-kind experience is a fun, fantastic and unconventional way to learn the art of Italian cooking.

What does the Rome Cooking Competition involve?

Participants or teams will be given a map, stating your Italian vocabulary, idioms, etc. for your shopping spree and to explore the shortest way to our Rome Cooking Academy, need to find clues while being guided by our expert Italian chef through the process of shopping for ingredients before arriving at our Cooking location. Once the teams have arrived, they will prepare and create their very own classic Italian dish in our Rome Cooking Academy, overlooking the Tiber River. Our Chef will rate the best, most delicious foods created.

Where does it take place?

The game starts at Piazza Farnese, nearby Rome’s famous Campo de’ Fiori market, and concludes on the other side of the Tiber River in our beautiful, light and modern Rome Cooking Academy. You meet us in the market where you’ll start shopping for the freshest ingredients for the competition menu within the budget you will be given.

How does the cooking competition work?

After the market experience, you will follow the map to make your way to our Rome Cooking Academy.  You will put your apron and your Chef hat on and start cooking like an Italian, under the guidance of our expert chef and against the clock! Create your own strategy: if you spend less time for shopping, you will have more time for cooking!

When time is up, our chef will sample your dishes and declare the winner. Speed of delivery and faithfulness to the recipe will be taken into account. But also be aware of teamwork and cleanliness, the keys to a successful kitchen.

Do we get to eat our creations?

Oh yes! After the competition you will all sit down and enjoy the food you prepared accompanied by wine and/or soft drinks.

Is there a prize?

Usually the prize is the food you cook, but for larger groups and/or corporate events, prizes can be awarded – contact us to discuss!

Who can compete?

As long as there are two people, then they can compete! Private events are possible upon request with a surcharge.

We offer different kinds of cooking challenge classes including: Couples face-off, sibling rivalry, culinary competitors, parent-child rivalry, corporate team building

The Rules

  1. Get your shopping list, bag and map from the chef’s assistant at the meeting point
  2. Get your fresh ingredients and make sure to have all the ingredients written on the list
  3. Use the Italian words, idioms, etc. written on the map while doing shopping
  4. Find our Rome Cooking Academy using your map
  5. No cellphones! Using the phone is not allowed for communication or navigation!
  6. Meet your chef at the academy, get your recipe, get your apron and the chef’s hat, prepare your workstation and the ingredients and be ready to cook!
  7. Follow the steps on the chef’s recipe and listen to your chef’s instructions
  8. Prepare your food for presentation.
  9. Clean your work area.
  10. No cheating and no copying
  11. You have to accomplish all your tasks within the time allocated!

Meeting point:

Location 1: The Fountain in Piazza Farnese

Location 2: Rome Cooking Academy

Availability: Every day

Time: 9:30 am

Duration: 4 hours

Price: €89

The Rome Cooking Competition Class includes:

  • Equipment: a map of Campo de’ Fiori and vicinity and instructions to get to our academy, a list of useful vocabulary and Italian idioms, the chef’s recipe including ingredients, the shopping list and money to buy the food with

  • Welcome drink and a complete work station for each participant/team including the work plan, apron, a rolling pin and a chef’s hat

  • Prizes can be awarded

  • Your self made meal including first dish – fresh home-made pasta with sauce, second dish and dessert, all accompanied by red/white wine or soft drink and water

Our promise to you: Everyone will leave with a smile on their face, new cooking skills in their pocket, and the chef’s secret recipe in their mail box,…not to mention the new Italian vocabulary, a full belly and and lots of great memories.


Please specify any food intolerances and allergies. We are happy to adjust the tastings according to special needs.

The class requires at least 1 adult to participate with the kids on the workshop.

Recommended age: 11 years and up

The class is cancelled if there is less than 3 people