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Get ready to discover the amazing beauty and the secrets of Rome’s most famous squares and fountains with your family on this private tour of Rome. This relaxing two and a half hour walking tour is perfect for families with kids. See the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Navona Square and sights in the vicinity with your expert, English-speaking and child-friendly guide. This tour comes with Rome´s Secret Zoo Animal Hunt to make this family walking tour more engaging and exciting for children. 

First stop, the Spanish Steps, the most famous square in Rome. Shaped like a bow tie, this square has always been famous especially for people- watching. Find the Fontana della Barcaccia, the simplest of all Baroque fountains in Rome and to tickle your appetite for mysteries, try to guess what barcaccia means. Near the center of the square is a very special column, the Colonna dell´Immacolata, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Every December 8th, the Pope with Rome´s fire brigade, place a wreath around the head of the statue of the Virgin Mary. The column is from Pagan Rome meaning it is very old, some animals are hidden there so use your sharpest vision to find them. Just a quick modern trivia: the very first Italian branch of McDonald´s was opened on this square in 1986.

Now head to the Trevi Fountain, Rome´s grandest and most famous fountain. It needs about 66,000 gallons of water to fill but today the water is treated with chemicals so don´t drink out of it. And don´t let Ocean intimidate you, go throw a coin and you will surely come back to see Rome again, so as the legend says! So many visitors are lured by this promise that about 3,000 Euros is thrown into Trevi daily. Now get ready to see the most well preserved ancient building in the world: the Pantheon. This marvel is the only Pagan temple that survived unchanged since thousands of years ago. Its name, Pantheon, came from an ancient Greek word meaning “all the gods” as it was once a temple where the Roman gods and goddesses were worshipped. Legend says that Emperor Hadrian was thinking of a pumpkin when he thought of the design for the Pantheon. 

Then our final stop: Piazza Navona, Rome´s most beautiful square, no other piazza in Rome can rival it. Its shape was from an ancient stadium that once stood there which could hold 30,000 spectators! In earlier times, this square was flooded in August so people could splash around to beat the summer heat. It has 3 beautiful fountains, the most famous being the Fountain of the Four Rivers. Here is where animals and monsters abound, go and find them all! And if you don´t, make sure you throw a coin into Trevi so you can come back one day to finish the hunt and conquer the very heart of Rome!

The Tour includes:

  • Your expert, English speaking guide
  • Animal Scavenger Hunt for kids ages 4-6

The Tour is available:

  • Every day
  • 3pm

Operates in all weather conditions