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Rome is without a doubt one of the biggest cultural hubs of the world, especially for Renaissance art. So, do not miss the chance to join us, Rome4Kids, on our Affresco Master class, for both children and adults.
The workshop will take place in the center, where you will have a professional Renaissance expert to assist you at all times. Follow her/him as he exposes you and your little ones to the mastery and masters of the Renaissance. What better way to learn all the secrets of the ancient art of fresco making or affresco, then to get first hand experience into it? Collect pieces, glue them, compose them and place them together in an arrangement of your liking. Do a marble fresco or a colored glass fresco, the result is going to be priceless nevertheless!
At the end of the workshop, you will not only leave with an awesome knowledge on the art of affresco and big old smile, but also with your newly-made masterpiece! Come and take home an irreplaceable souvenir of your time in Rome!

The workshop includes:

  • Affresco Lesson
  • All the materials for your artwork
  • Your Masterpiece

The workshop is available:

  • 10am  3pm
  • Every day


Please dress appropriately