Aperitivo Time in Rome: Where to Get The Best Spritz in Town!

Bubbly. Neon orange. Refreshing. What pops into your head?

It should be Aperol Spritz — the epitome of Roman aperitivo cocktail time.

This classic among the locals of the Italian capital is made with Aperol (Campari’s slightly less-bitter cousin) mixed with Prosecco. Traditionally, it is served for “aperitivo” over ice with a long straw for easy sipping.

What is “aperitivo”?

Similar to the American happy hour, this Italian tradition is, in reality, much more than that…

Starting as a simple pre-dinner drink in the 1700s, it later evolved and spread south to include those glorious couple of hours all over Italy — typically 7pm to 9 pm — when locals meet to relax over a glass of wine or a light cocktail and finger foods. Aperitivo is not supposed to replace your dinner, but it definitely can do so, especially if you do s buffet style aperitivo!

The 5 must see aperitivo places in Rome

1- Bar La Zanzara

This bar is located in a neighbor called Borgo. It is adorned with a very modern black and white layout inside and a very cute ensemble of fairy lights in the external seating area. Especially on a hot summer night, this spot is amazing to meet up with friends and chat over a couple of drinks.



2- Bar del Fico

Tucked away in a little square among the little windy alleys of the center of Rome, this bohemian chic traditionally Italian bistro and bar is perfect for your aperitivo time. The whole square fills up with people at night to the point where cars and even scooters cannot pass through. This place is also amazing during the day, when there are lots of people playing backgammon, chess and a variety of card games.


3- Zuma Rooftop

This high-end Japanese fusion restaurant in the heart of the City is located at floor of the Fendi building. If you want a fancy night out than wear some of your best clothes and head to Zuma rooftop Bar! The insane panorama stretches all the way from Via dei Condotti, a renowned designer clothing strip, to the Spanish steps. Most nights there is a DJ lifting up the beat and setting an awesome tone to the start of a wonderful night out!


4- Stravinsky Bar at Hotel de Russie

Situated in one of the most lavish hotels of Rome on Via del Babuino, Stravinsky Bar will blow you away with its own version of a Spritz! The interior decor is absolutely stunning! But there is a dress code so be sure to dress nicely for the occasion.



5- Il Gianfornaio

Always filled with locals, the Gianfornaio started as a well-known bakery, which started to make some of the best pizza in town. If you are craving a full immersion into the Roman culture than this is definitely the place to be, but – beware – the level of English may not amazing so expect to gesticulate the Italian way! Also, for a good price you can get in a full meal along with your Spritz. Every 5 minutes fresh pizza comes out of the oven – it’s a real treat!