Anna from Paris

“The Rome Cooking Competition was a spectacular cooking challenge for us. Our family is composed of 8 person and we were divided in two teams with the children. At the beginning of the challenge, the children especially, are already thrilled as the “cooking assistants” engaged us with such friendly manners. They were cheering the kids through the challenge. The locations made the challenge lively as it is in the heart of Ancient Rome, with the Campo di Fiori Market as the starting place, fresh fruits and vegetable around us makes the challenge more exciting. Strongly recommended!

Adam from New York

“The Rome Cooking competition was so engaging! We participated in parent-child competition class as a whole family. We were divided in two teams at the meeting point in Campo De’ Fiori, then we were provided with the list of ingredients, shopping bag and map. It was so challenging to find our way to the cooking academy without cellphones and compete against the clock, but also so fun to find the hidded items, solve the clues on the map and discover these beautiful streets. The cooking time was excellent, we had to invest a lot of emotions in this challenge as both teams really wanted to win and impress the chef. That is how this challenge is so interesting. And after all the nervousness, my team won and we couldn’t be more happy on doing this challenge. Highly recommended!”

Angela from Canada

“We had a fantastic day competing in the very heart of Rome and learning the art of making Italian dishes. Our group was small and consisted of just 4 people. We participated in couples face-off class. I and my boyfriend competed with the other couple that we had not met yet. The class was so exciting, challenging and fun. The organization was perfect, the staff responded to our emails quickly when making a reservation and they were very helpful with our needs. We had a great day, learned much more than expected and left without an empty stomach. Highly recommended it!”