Is Rome Vegan Friendly?

Where to find the best vegetarian restaurants in Rome?

When you think about traditional Roman food, an overflowing plate of bucatini all’amatriciana, or the even more popular spaghetti alla carbonara, or a panino con la porchetta. So many Italian dishes are meaty in some way so, one might think that, as a whole, traditional Italian cuisine is not fully suitable for vegetarians or vegans. But this is definitely not the case! Italian cuisine is not only is incredibly delicious, but also extremely diverse. Many dishes are made of fresh and tasty vegetables and tasty meat-alternatives! Besides vegetarian restaurants popping up all over the city, many more traditional Rome restaurants are now offering some form of vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. This list will focus merely on fully vegetarian sit-down restaurants, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, brunch, and/or dinner. It is rather hard to narrow down which restaurants are worth putting on the list. The majority of these vegetarian friendly restaurants will, however, be in the most central or, at least, accessible parts of Rome.

1. Buddy

Buddy is a great restaurant to visit for dinner, when you’ll be able to try the full vegan and vegetarian 4 course menu! This place is known by locals for its insanely good pinsa Romana – a fast-growing trend in Italy! It is considered to be somewhat healthier than pizza. This is a kind of pizza bread, made from a mix of wheat, soy and rice flours, prepared and cooked in a very specific way that predates the pizza invented in Naples! The lunch buffet they have is very varied and colorful! There are lots of veggies and pinse with different toppings being served.

Location: Piazza Sant’Andrea della Valle

2. Ops!

Ops! is a 100% vegetarian and nearly fully vegan restaurant with an incredible atmosphere and a flare for fantastic healthy food. It is a perfect place for vegans and vegetarians. Ops! is very famous for its vast selection of vegan desserts, but it’s brainchild special is also very much worth having a look at!

Location: Via Bergamo, 56. (Not far from Via Veneto or Termini)

3. Il Margutta Vegetarian Food & Art

Il Margutta is probably the most famous of the specifically vegetarian restaurants in Rome. It is also one of the oldest ones, established in 1979. While it is more casual at lunch time, at dinner time it completely transforms into a slightly upscale, possibly even romantic dinner spot. On weekdays, Il Margutta prepares a wonderful brunch buffet for 15 euros that includes water and a dessert!

Location: Via Margutta, 118 (near Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps)

4. Ginger Sapori & Salute

Ginger has been a hip must-visit place ever since it came upon the Rome dining scene. It’s philosophy builds around the spread of healthy food, with a trendy twist to its culinary creations. Its smoothies and cold pressed juices are definitely its selling point. Ginger is the perfect refreshing lunch-break spot when roaming around the center of Rome on a hot summer’s day. This place has something for everyone, even those avoiding gluten or meat-products.

Locations: Via Borgognona 43-46 and Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 54-55

5. La Via della Seta

This Syrian/Lebanese restaurant is an excellent vegetarian choice, regardless whether you’re interested in having a healthy lunch or dinner. This place also offers meat dishes but its selection of veggie options is more than sufficient to make you take your time when it comes to choosing your dish! Insider tip: try the 15€ veggie platter that La Via della Sets offers for a sumptuous, healthy, vegetarian lunch.

Location: Via dei Coronari, 143. 

Other amazing restaurants that you consider, somewhat off the beaten track, are Orto and So What?!?