Nobody ever said we’re conventional here at Rome Cooking Workshops. So let’s celebrate Halloween in a different way – with spooky food! We love messing around with things that scare others. Ghosts can’t hurt you, so let’s have some fun with them, and even make them hungry! Tease your Hallowe’en spirit by creating your own blood-red pasta sauce! Or how about seppia spaghetti as black as their hearts! And for dessert, how about a slice of “terror-misu”?! As Vincent Price said, “It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared”. 👻 🍝

Witches & Wizards Halloween Market Tour

🧙🏻‍♀Witches&Wizards Halloween Market Tour and Cooking Class

Get spooked out on one of the most historical streets in Rome before you cook, do your Halloween-themed shopping with your Italian chef in Campo de’ Fiori, the most famous market in Rome, buy some creepy treats and snacks, and choose the freakiest pumpkin at the market. Then it is time to head out to our Halloween-spirit cooking academy. Get your fun Halloween recipies from your expert chef and start cooking for your Halloween lunch!

Spooky Pasta Making and Terror-misu

🕷Spooky Pasta Making and Terror-misu

Let the magic happen! Knead, roll and shape the dough! Learn the exact procedure that allows you to prepare real Italian pasta, but this time Halloween-spirit is on Italian tables! Our chef shares his passion and secret of good taste during the lesson. Don’t forget to put your hand-made blood-red pasta sauce on the pasta, but just one pasta is not enough to make us feel full. Let’s make something different for the sake of Halloween. What about pumpkin ravioli with gorgonzola? Last but not least, make your own Terror-misù decorating with spider chocolate and treat yourself this Halloween! Let you have all the fun on Halloween!

Blood-red Wine Tasting & Pasta Making

🧛🏻‍♂Blood-red Wine Tasting & Pasta Making

We’re not vampires who know where the best blood-red wine is. Come and drink a ruby red delight with us while you get your fangs into some amazing cheese and ham – our prosciutto and formaggio starter will make you go batty. Of course if you’re not partial to lapping up the scarlet nectar, we’ve also got rosé and white for you to sip while you make pasta in this fun and decidedly spooky cooking class. As they say in Peaky Blinders, “that’ll be the bloody day”!