Do You Want to Have Some Food Ideas for Halloween in an Italian way?

Easy and Tasty Italian Recipes for Halloween

Halloween. Halloween. Halloween.

What to eat during your Halloween season when in Rome? Now, that is the question you should be asking yourself, especially in this time of the year when private houses, shops and restaurants are putting up Halloween pumpkins, faux spider webs, little ghost figurines…It might become stressful to juggle decorations, work, chores, etc etc and, meanwhile, think about what meals to cook and delicious sweets to bake. So, here are some easy and tasty Halloween recipes that you can think about preparing during the break. Embrace the holiday spirit by browsing around these incredible food ideas: from appetisers, nibbles, desserts, drinks…

Halloween Appetizers

There is nothing better than snacking on healthy fruits and veg with a creative spice to them, especially at that time of the year when trick or treating with beautifully wrapped saccharine sweets is at the order of the day!

Banana Ghost and Tangerine pumpkin platter

Create your very own Banana Ghost and Tangerine pumpkin platter — the quick and easy solution for a little halloween nibble.  All you need is some peeled tangerines and bananas (then cut the bananas in half), some celery (cut into small sticks) and mini chocolate chips. If you have all of this sorted, it is super easy — stick two chocolate chips into the banana to make the eyes of the menacing “Banana ghost”. Then stick the piece of celery into the top hole of the tangerine — and tadaaa, you’ve got yourself many little lovely pumpkins!

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Another great snack on which all members of the family can nibble are the exquisite Avocado Deviled Eggs. Boil as many eggs as you like, peel their shells off and cut them in half. Take out the cooked yolk and, in its place put guacamole. Top it all off with two small pieces of raw peppers that most resemble two little devil horns and, if you feel extremely devilish, add some siracha sauce to the avocado mix.

Meatball mummies

Meatball mummies are a welcomed favourite during Halloween time in Rome. For all of you meat eaters that have never tried these, you should definitely give these a go! Their recipe is simple. Just wrap pre-cooked meatballs in pizza dough ‘bandages’ , bake them until crispy golden brown, and serve with a side of bloody marina dipping sauce. Then, once cooked, to complete their scary look, simply add two eyes. You can, of course, get as creative as you want but we recommend using cream cheese as a base and small piece of olives for the pupils. The meatball mummies are an adorable and frankly delicious crowd-pleaser.

To be honest, pumpkin risotto and ravioli with pumpkin are our favorite dishes, but cooking them are not so easy as preparing these appetizers mentioned above, but we give a link for those who are interested in to check the bruschetta con zucca e buffala recipe and recommend this Halloween themed cooking classes for those who are interested in learning how to make ravioli with pumpkin:)

Halloween Desserts

Ahhh desserts. Obviously the most important part of the meal! After having gone through a fair share of Halloween nibbling, it is time for the sweets to come out!

Ghostly Pumpkin Cheesecake

Who doesn’t like a wicked pumpkin cheesecake, especially during Halloween? There is something special about the creamy consistency of a well-made cheesecake! To learn the detailed ingredients, ratios and methodologies to make the best pumpkin cheesecake!

No-bake spider cookies

Of course, with all that goes on during the Halloween break, prepping yourself for a large-scale baking session could be stressful. That is why we have added to the list of favourite desserts these spooky no-bake spider cookies. We all know that you shouldn’t play with your food but these cute little goodies are begging to be brought to life before being gobbled up by your hungry children. The recipe is extremely simple and easy to prepare! And the most fun thin about these cookies is the decorating part! If you are interested in designing cookies, Rome Cooking Workshops decorates them with spider webs for Halloween in its Halloween themed cooking classes.

Or else if you need to have recipe to make easy and tasty creepy crawly nibbles for Halloween, here is the one for you to check it out!

Creepy cake pops 

Have you ever had cake on a stick? Well, I’ll tell you a secret — there is nothing quite like it! And they are so easy to make. Here is the shortest and easiest recipe you will find. Simply break up either madeira cake or sponge cake (there is not such a big difference between the two), mix it with melted chocolate (white, milk or dark – at a ratio of 1/1 with the cake) in a blender. Then, mould the mix into small walnut-sizes balls. Let these chill in the fridge for 2 hours, dip them into the melted chocolate and then chill again until the chocolate has set. The end!


Halloween Drinks

Bubbly Witch Brew 

Bubbly Witch Brew is kids’ favourite Halloween punch recipe! It is extremely easy to put together so, don’t worry — even if you are short on time your PG-13 party punch will be phenomenal in no-time! Put together lime sherbet, chilled ginger ale, can unsweetened pineapple juice, freshly squeezed lime juice and a few drops of green food colouring for added effect. Then stir to mix. Garnish the drink with gummy bears or marshmallows in the shape of plastic eyeballs!

Monster Hot Cocoa

Especially if you live in the North, the ends of October can be quite chilly. In these cases, but not only in these cases, a cup of spooky hot chocolate is always the perfect solution! Take any creamy white hot chocolate and turn it into the perfect shade of “witches brew green” with a few drops of organic green food colouring, Then , if you want to be extra, top it all off with some fluffy marshmallows and a creepy gummy work – any shape or size you can find!

Hocus Pocus concoction 

Fill a mason jar of any size 2/3 full with ice cold purple grape juice and then fill it up to the brim with 2 or 3 scoops of lime sherbet. And voila’…you’ve got yourself an incredibly refreshing afternoon snack for the whole family. The purple and green contrast is incredibly beautiful! How many delicious recipes do you know that require only 2 ingredients?

In summary, if you and your family are hosting a child-friendly Halloween party in Rome this year, look no further. Our recipes are just as delicious as they are spooky, and each and every one of these Halloween food ideas is easy to throw together and fun to look at! Happy Halloween!