Cooking lessons in Rome and more…

The best way to get to know the Italian culture is through its food!


Passion – love for food and curiosity…..that is what it takes to become a good chef…..the other ingredients we happily contribute to help you learn the secrets about the world famous Italian cuisine.

Our Chef Maurizio has been passionate about food ever since he was a child. This love for Italian food and the passion for making happy clients have developed into our Chef owning several well known restaurants in Rome in some of the most favorite tourist sites in Rome. Today Maurizio still shares this passion of creating delicacies for the eye and the palate by teaching you how to become a chef for a day and pamper your own guests when you go back home.

Chef Maurizio and our team of chefs, whom he handpicked, have been teaching different techniques of how to make different types of pasta, how to use different spices and all the ins and outs of typical, regional dishes from throughout the Italian peninsula.

Our cooking classes are true Italian experiences.

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